Yard Sale Find to Treasure

Last year after we moved into this new house, I was grabbing supplies from Home Depot when I noticed a nice cast aluminum table & chairs set for $299.  Considering the $699 original price, I sat my butt down in the chair next to the table and tried to grab any employee to help me get this set.  As it turned out, they couldn’t give me the $299 set, because it was the demo model they left out front of the store, and some person or persons had helped themselves to three of the four chairs on their way out of the store.  Apparently they (like me) think 4 chairs for a patio set is not enough.  Not that I’d steal them, that’s just douchy.  Anyway, because they wanted to get rid of the remaining table and one chair, they offered it to me for $100.  I didn’t even have to think about it, these cast aluminum tables are quite pricey and I was happy to have the table.  The chairs could come later.

I’m a big believer in having patience and the “right” thing will come along.  That thing may be something completely different from what I originally planned, but usually it turns up.  I’ll have to make do for a while with an “it’ll do”, but generally I can find what I’m looking for.  I’ve been looking for “the right” chairs for the table, but everything I found was either part of a set or so expensive at $60+ per chair that they weren’t an option.  But Saturday I was driving out to the store for some supplies when I passed by a yard sale around the corner.  There was a vintage patio set sitting on the lawn.  They were green, and not very trendy, but looked sturdy enough.  A quick U-turn at the next block and we got a close up look.  6 chairs, a glider, and a table, for $150.  My arm did not require twisting, the list I had made to prioritize big expenditures got resorted with patio furniture on the top.  $150, a quick run home to grab the pickup, $50 in rust restorer and pant, and 10 hours work (and one very sore arm) later I had a lovely set of chairs painted matte black to modernize them and get them to coordinate with my cast aluminum table.  The glider got a space on the front porch where I had been planning on putting a couple rockers when I found some.  The table remains unpainted, but will definitely get used somewhere in the future.

new chair 1

Chair Front

new chair 2

Chair Side (see, they’re those nice spring chairs!)


made some cupcakes for our usual Monday company.

I’m quite happy with how they turned out, and how the set looks together.  Sure, it doesn’t match but it kind of “goes” in an eclectic sort of way.  I plan on spending a LOT of time out here on the screen porch this summer, so I’m happy to provide somewhere for guests to join us and enjoy the breezes.


a few pots of flowers and this will look downright pretty.

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