Halfway Through (Gluten Free Month Update)


We’re halfway through.  I have survived two weeks without gluten.  I cannot honestly say that this has been without complaint, there was most definitely some whining involved.  I remember walking through the supermarket, thinking “OHMYGOD!! BREAD!!! CEREAL!!! COOOKIES!!!”  I think I would briefly consider assaulting someone for a good cheeseburger.  But, we’ve made it this…

Day 3 Gluten Free


We started gluten free on Saturday.   3 days down, and I haven’t run screaming for the bread drawer or broken down and run for Dunkies.  Saturday was hard, and I was hungry.  Sunday was tough, and I was hungry.  Today was…less tough. I’ve been focusing on simple foods: Slow Cooker  chicken provencale (using chicken thighs instead…



I’ve often heard of weight loss and being heavy as being a problem with willpower.  “I don’t have enough willpower to stay away from the desserts table”.  Pff.  I’ve got PLENTY of willpower.  I’m stubborn as this here mule.  Ain’t he cute? Yep, I’ve got willpower to spare.  Just ask my husband, who when asked…


For the last week, I have had a terrible cold.  I still have a cold.  My head has been stuffed for 7 days now.  I ‘m still coughing so hard and I can’t sleep laying down.  This week has, in general, sucked.  I’m tired, and cranky, and tired of being sick.  In general, I’m not…

Breaking the Fast

All my life I’ve heard how important breakfast is. Don’t skip breakfast! Most important meal of the day! is a part of this complete breakfast! Bingo, I’d eaten breakfast…right?

As it turns out, no.

The New Nutrition Experiment

I’m a cancer survivor.  My chance of getting cancer again, either the same cancer or a different cancer is actually rather high.  The treatments I have seem to have damaged my thyroid and given me anemia and raised my blood pressure significantly.  Every night I take multiple pharmaceutical medications for blood pressure, indigestion, allergies, hormones,…

Being Sick Naturally

For the past several days I’ve been sick with a terrible headcold that’s going around. It came hard on the heels of a terrible multi-day allergy attack I had while trying to do some long-overdue decluttering my laundry room. I’m finally over all my congestion and a day where I had no voice, and hopefully soon I’ll be over the nagging tickling cough.

Mostly out of sheer sickness/laziness, I took care of my cold with what I had on hand in my house, applying new greener techniques to my symptoms, being sick as naturally as possible. Here’s a few things I’ve learned….