Yard Sale Find to Treasure


Last year after we moved into this new house, I was grabbing supplies from Home Depot when I noticed a nice cast aluminum table & chairs set for $299.  Considering the $699 original price, I sat my butt down in the chair next to the table and tried to grab any employee to help me…

Durable Goods


My office chair broke a few months ago.  The end of one of the plastic spokes around where it met with the plastic wheel cracked.  I tried to glue it, but it just broke again in a different spot.  I continued to use it while I searched around for a replacement.  As I continued to…

On My Mind…Coffee!

Inspired by down–to–earth’s On Your Mind Fridays.

Last year I bought a small iRoast2 home coffee roaster for my husband, because he was interested in learning more about coffee roasting (like most true coffee geeks)…

Frugality is the Mother of Creativity

I realized this week I have little to no money for holiday gifts this year. While I did good by setting money aside in a special account for the past few months to cover our Christmas Eve “feast of the seven fishes” traditional dinner, I did not specifically set aside gift money, so with the loss of our second income, there is none.

Enter the “Pick-Your-Own” Gift bag.