Durable Goods


My office chair broke a few months ago.  The end of one of the plastic spokes around where it met with the plastic wheel cracked.  I tried to glue it, but it just broke again in a different spot.  I continued to use it while I searched around for a replacement.  As I continued to…

2010 In Review

The New Year is a time of both reflection and of looking ahead. Many people choose to create plans and resolutions with how to be better in the new year. I wanted to look back at the top things I’ve learned this year. These things will definitely help to drive what I do in 2011. I hope it helps you too.

Setting Myself Up For Failure

I’ve had a good few days since sunday, but on the green side it hasn’t been the best of times.  I’m always conscious these days about my plastic and disposables consumption, and I try to stay within the boundaries I’ve set for myself.  That’s not always possible, and these few days have shown me where…

No More Plastic Cleansers

I’ll admit to buying products with “microbeads” to scrub my skin.  Ooooo.  They sounded so awesome and scrubby.  I’ll admit, I fell prey to marketing back in the day (like anytime before 2008) and I really didn’t think about the impact to the environment or to me of using such a product.  I was just…