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Spring is Springing!


It hasn’t quite sprung yet. It was 80 degrees for 3 days in a row, and I got cocky and planted stuff. Then this past weekend I had to scramble to build a cold frame to put over the raspberry bushes because it got down into the low 30’s at night for a few nights…

Black Thumb Gardening


I am not a great gardener.  I try, I dabble, and I fail an awful lot.  Growing weeds, that I can do.  My garden teems with them, and I have a very hard time keeping up.  But every year I try again, telling myself I’ll do better.  I’ve never had that better year, but somehow…

Letting Go


I am a stubborn and tenacious person.  I don’t give up very easy on most things.  If there’s a part of my that does want to consider giving up on an endeavor, I will hem and haw and consider the options for a long time.  Tenacity can be a good trait, but there comes a…