Recipe: Italian Stir Fry


This one’s a concoction of my own fevered imagination and a desire to get more fresh veggies into our diet. All ingredients given here are suggestions, make up your own mix based on what you have available/like! All times and temperatures are estimated, you know your stove better than I do.

Recipe: Zero Alarm Chili


On friday, I started sneezing at 8am.  I didn’t slow down until 8pm.  Despite working from home and generally avoiding sick people, there was one inlet for infection that I forgot:  I pick up medications at my local pharmacy.  I often have to wait in line at the pharmacy counter, surrounded by red-nosed, snuffling, coughing…

Not Your Mother’s Cookbook: Using Google Docs as an Online Cookbook


I’ve tried lots of different ways of organizing my recipes.  purchased cookbook notebooks and index cards (which had to be rewritten by hand from the original sources), a 3-ring binder (printing or ripping or writing recipes onto paper), various online recipe savers/collectors (where you have to enter in all the ingredients from a database), a…

Foolproof Brown Rice

ok, so maybe not foolproof, and maybe not original but certainly the way I‘ve found to make it well without burning or undercooking. When I first started trying to eat healthier, I was told white rice has too many simple carbs and I should use brown rice instead.  “OK”, I thought, “sounds easy enough let…

Leftovers That Aren’t Left Over: Beef Penne Bake


While I love to cook, I’m like most people where I don’t like to cook every night. Leftovers, in general, are not a great option. Enter “divided cooking”. Divided cooking is a term I use to describe making a dish to a point where there’s not much left to do, and dividing it into separate containers to freeze and finish at a later date…