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Recipe: Italian Stir Fry


This one’s a concoction of my own fevered imagination and a desire to get more fresh veggies into our diet. All ingredients given here are suggestions, make up your own mix based on what you have available/like! All times and temperatures are estimated, you know your stove better than I do.

Recipe: Zero Alarm Chili


On friday, I started sneezing at 8am.  I didn’t slow down until 8pm.  Despite working from home and generally avoiding sick people, there was one inlet for infection that I forgot:  I pick up medications at my local pharmacy.  I often have to wait in line at the pharmacy counter, surrounded by red-nosed, snuffling, coughing…

Foolproof Brown Rice

ok, so maybe not foolproof, and maybe not original but certainly the way I‘ve found to make it well without burning or undercooking. When I first started trying to eat healthier, I was told white rice has too many simple carbs and I should use brown rice instead.  “OK”, I thought, “sounds easy enough let…

Leftovers That Aren’t Left Over: Beef Penne Bake


While I love to cook, I’m like most people where I don’t like to cook every night. Leftovers, in general, are not a great option. Enter “divided cooking”. Divided cooking is a term I use to describe making a dish to a point where there’s not much left to do, and dividing it into separate containers to freeze and finish at a later date…

Recipe: Split Pea Soup

One of my favorite soups is homemade split pea, it’s a winter warmer that can’t be beat. I can’t stand the stuff in the can, but I love this recipe, which uses grated carrot and maple syrup for flavor, both of which give it a sweet finish.

Recipe: Sin-Sational Drinking Chocolate


I have never been a fan of cocoa packets added to boiling water. It’s a commercial concoction with so little in common with the original chocolate drink brought over to Europe from South America. While I don’t like spicy at all, so I’ll avoid the original chocolate with ground chili peppers, I think hot chocolate should be an experience that a chocolate lover can truly love.