Experiments with different products (homemade or bought) and different techniques.

On My Mind…Vanilla!

Posting inspired from down–to–earth‘s On Your Mind Fridays. On my mind today is Vanilla! I bought 1 pound of extract-grade beans online and I’ve started an experiment on making my own vanilla extract. I regularly pay $15 for 12oz or so of good quality extract, and I bake a lot so this may be a…

Recipe: Sin-Sational Drinking Chocolate


I have never been a fan of cocoa packets added to boiling water. It’s a commercial concoction with so little in common with the original chocolate drink brought over to Europe from South America. While I don’t like spicy at all, so I’ll avoid the original chocolate with ground chili peppers, I think hot chocolate should be an experience that a chocolate lover can truly love.

The New Nutrition Experiment

I’m a cancer survivor.  My chance of getting cancer again, either the same cancer or a different cancer is actually rather high.  The treatments I have seem to have damaged my thyroid and given me anemia and raised my blood pressure significantly.  Every night I take multiple pharmaceutical medications for blood pressure, indigestion, allergies, hormones,…

Being Sick Naturally

For the past several days I’ve been sick with a terrible headcold that’s going around. It came hard on the heels of a terrible multi-day allergy attack I had while trying to do some long-overdue decluttering my laundry room. I’m finally over all my congestion and a day where I had no voice, and hopefully soon I’ll be over the nagging tickling cough.

Mostly out of sheer sickness/laziness, I took care of my cold with what I had on hand in my house, applying new greener techniques to my symptoms, being sick as naturally as possible. Here’s a few things I’ve learned….