Recycling The Old Fashioned Way: Deposit/Return

I don’t live in a deposit/return state, but I remember it’s availability when I was a small child nearly 40 years ago. The idea was simple: When you purchase a product in a bottle, you pay a premium for that bottle. When you are done with a bottle you return it to the store where you purchased it, and the fee is returned to you…

2010 In Review

The New Year is a time of both reflection and of looking ahead. Many people choose to create plans and resolutions with how to be better in the new year. I wanted to look back at the top things I’ve learned this year. These things will definitely help to drive what I do in 2011. I hope it helps you too.

What shade of green are you?


Shades of Green

As I read through my various books on green housekeeping and personal care, and peruse green blogs and their comments, I’m often struck with how one persons green is another person’s toxin. There seems to be quite a spread of opinion on the subject of what’s actually “green”. I’ve decided there’s really no right or wrong in this, there’s simply different shades of green.

Taking Stock Part 2: Green/Sustainable

There’s a reason the title of this blog starts with “documenting the journey”. I’m nowhere near an expert on any of the things listed there. I decided to take a tally of where I am now, beginning this process, so later I can look back and see where I’ve come from. I warn you, the…

No More Plastic Cleansers

I’ll admit to buying products with “microbeads” to scrub my skin.  Ooooo.  They sounded so awesome and scrubby.  I’ll admit, I fell prey to marketing back in the day (like anytime before 2008) and I really didn’t think about the impact to the environment or to me of using such a product.  I was just…


making soda syrup

On Tuesday, I made the leap and purchased a Sodastream at home carbonator.  The cherry soda syrup worked out so well I figure this may be my ticket to never having to buy soda again.  No more lugging, no more expense of buying BPA-laden plastic-lined aluminum cans.  The canisters can be exchanged right at the…