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Halfway Through (Gluten Free Month Update)


We’re halfway through.  I have survived two weeks without gluten.  I cannot honestly say that this has been without complaint, there was most definitely some whining involved.  I remember walking through the supermarket, thinking “OHMYGOD!! BREAD!!! CEREAL!!! COOOKIES!!!”  I think I would briefly consider assaulting someone for a good cheeseburger.  But, we’ve made it this…

Recipe: Zero Alarm Chili


On friday, I started sneezing at 8am.  I didn’t slow down until 8pm.  Despite working from home and generally avoiding sick people, there was one inlet for infection that I forgot:  I pick up medications at my local pharmacy.  I often have to wait in line at the pharmacy counter, surrounded by red-nosed, snuffling, coughing…