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Make It Work!

Pegboard in the kitchen, to keep pots, pans and utensils!

Slogan stolen from Tim Gunn of Project Runway. As I mentioned, my new kitchen is not ideal.  One frustration was a lack of places to store my pots and pans.  I had a cabinet over the wall oven where I could stack pots and pans, but getting out the one I needed was a sometimes…

On My Mind…Vanilla!

Posting inspired from down–to–earth‘s On Your Mind Fridays. On my mind today is Vanilla! I bought 1 pound of extract-grade beans online and I’ve started an experiment on making my own vanilla extract. I regularly pay $15 for 12oz or so of good quality extract, and I bake a lot so this may be a…

Frugality is the Mother of Creativity

I realized this week I have little to no money for holiday gifts this year. While I did good by setting money aside in a special account for the past few months to cover our Christmas Eve “feast of the seven fishes” traditional dinner, I did not specifically set aside gift money, so with the loss of our second income, there is none.

Enter the “Pick-Your-Own” Gift bag.