Make It Work!

Pegboard in the kitchen, to keep pots, pans and utensils!

Slogan stolen from Tim Gunn of Project Runway. As I mentioned, my new kitchen is not ideal.  One frustration was a lack of places to store my pots and pans.  I had a cabinet over the wall oven where I could stack pots and pans, but getting out the one I needed was a sometimes…

Not Your Mother’s Cookbook: Using Google Docs as an Online Cookbook


I’ve tried lots of different ways of organizing my recipes.  purchased cookbook notebooks and index cards (which had to be rewritten by hand from the original sources), a 3-ring binder (printing or ripping or writing recipes onto paper), various online recipe savers/collectors (where you have to enter in all the ingredients from a database), a…

Recipe: Sin-Sational Drinking Chocolate


I have never been a fan of cocoa packets added to boiling water. It’s a commercial concoction with so little in common with the original chocolate drink brought over to Europe from South America. While I don’t like spicy at all, so I’ll avoid the original chocolate with ground chili peppers, I think hot chocolate should be an experience that a chocolate lover can truly love.

Guilty Pleasures

I’ll admit it. I like canned icing. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I much prefer canned icing. I have no idea why I still find it so appealing. It’s in a plastic can that I’d rather not buy, and has a tongue-twisting list of ingredients including partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil, high…

Ode to a Mason Jar


Oh ubiquitous mason jar how wonderful to use you are modern clear and older blue crazed with age or shiny new… Ah, the ubiquitous mason jar.  A brilliant storage unit that has gone practically unchanged in the last 100 years.  Strong, easy to store and organize, and long since proven itself to just about everyone.…