Getting Back Into the Groove

I’ve been away from the blog for a while. I could make all sorts of excuses why, but basically other things became more important to me. While I often compose blog posts in my head while going about my day, I haven’t sat down and actually written them, and generally they’re forgotten before I ever get the chance to do so.

I’ve consolidated all of my various blog writings into one big blog. If you like on particular category of writing, you can always follow that one category. I’m geeky about all sorts of things, it’s my nature, so I’ll be sharing all my various passions here.

I’ve been really busy, for sure, and have built up a lot of things to talk about. Done a bunch of projects, had some interesting life experiences. I look forward to getting back in the groove.

Following one of my passions of Music, I used to follow Phish on tour, saw 45 shows. Wish I had the money to still do so. So I’m sharing this lovely 16 minute version of Weekapaug Groove with all of you.

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