All That And A Bag Of Chips I Shouldn’t Have Eaten

This title brought to you by the half a bag of fritos that I plowed down this afternoon. Usually I put a bit into a bowl and bring them up to my computer, to limit my intake. Not today. *Sigh*.

I mean to write more blog posts. I come up with some wonderful ideas, then they fade away into the ether because I’m not sitting at my computer to write them. Or because even though I believe in what I’m thinking, I second guess myself because I don’t want to come off as high and mighty or know it all. I’m well aware that I don’t know it all, though I’m certainly generally under the impression that there are some things I’m right about, and you all should just take my word for it.  😉

Kidding aside, I’ve been quite busy lately. After some more damage to our house by hoodlums (or just some @$$hole), I’m trying to do the work needed to be done to move. About 10 years ago, I pulled down the vinyl wallpaper in our upstairs hall. The glue wasn’t that solid, the edges were coming up anyway, and it was a pretty easy task…until I tried to figure out what to do next.

My upstairs hallway walls have sat, cracked and covered in dried wallpaper paste crust, for 10 years. I was so daunted with “what now”, I sort of froze. and then I learned to ignore it. Step 1 of things we could accomplish without much funding was to finish this darn hallway.  Since the wallpaper was fully stripped, it was more of a washing and patching exercise than anything else, though the patching is pretty extensive in spots. A couple days, buckets of boiling water with vinegar, wet piles of old rags, and lots of scrubbing later and I have to say…

Why the hell did I wait so long to do this?!?!?!?!

I mean really. I sat here and ignored crusty walls for 10 years. A couple weekends, $250 in paint and supplies (though we only used a fraction of those supplies on the upstairs hall), and I have made some amazing progress. Still need to rip up the old carpet, underneath which is some awful looking linoleum that I’m planning to paint and cover with some runners and area rugs.  There is probably hardwood underneath that, but that’s more work than I’m willing to put into the house, considering our plans to vacate sometime later this year.

Here’s a couple images of the work so far.  I think there will be another post very shortly about the anaglypta wallpaper, and what I’m doing with it.

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