Getting Back Into the Groove

I’ve been away from the blog for a while. I could make all sorts of excuses why, but basically other things became more important to me. While I often compose blog posts in my head while going about my day, I haven’t sat down and actually written them, and generally they’re forgotten before I ever…

In war men pass like shadows that stain the grass
leaving their lives upon the green
while earth bewails the crimson sheen
men’s dreams and stars and whispers all helpless pass.

Today was a Wonderful Day

Today was a wonderful day: The dog woke me up at 6:30 I made coffee, ran out to get some donuts for breakfast, and had breakfast on the porch. I unclogged the vacuum and washed out the filter.  No wonder it wasn’t working, it had a warren of dust bunnies and a very clogged filter! I…

Recipe: Italian Stir Fry


This one’s a concoction of my own fevered imagination and a desire to get more fresh veggies into our diet. All ingredients given here are suggestions, make up your own mix based on what you have available/like! All times and temperatures are estimated, you know your stove better than I do.

Sometimes Dreams Do Come True


For pretty much all of my adult life I have had a dream house.  I’m quite sure I’m not alone in this. My dream home has had many changing features, but a few things have remained pretty constant.  One of those dreams was to have a screen porch with a day bed.  A “sleeping porch”,…

Yard Sale Find to Treasure


Last year after we moved into this new house, I was grabbing supplies from Home Depot when I noticed a nice cast aluminum table & chairs set for $299.  Considering the $699 original price, I sat my butt down in the chair next to the table and tried to grab any employee to help me…

Spring Is Coming!


Last Saturday was just above 60 degrees.  Hooray!  Tomorrow it will be again! A couple mornings later there was snow on the ground again, and there’s tell of a Nor’Easter heading our way this coming week, but we’ll ignore that for the moment. Spring is coming!  The robin (which never left all winter and has…