There’s No Such Thing As a Free Carpet, Part 3: The Finished Product

This is the third post in my “Catching Up” series, where I post things I have completed over the past year or so while I was ignoring my blog.

As I noted in There’s No Such Thing as a Free Carpet, Part 2, I received an oriental rug and used it as the impetus to redecorate my guest bedroom.  I had redone the floor to be a great backdrop for the rug, and repainted the walls.  Next stop was to layer in the colors and all the interior design happiness to complete the room.

As you can expect, this took a while to find all the bits and bobs and put them together.  I carried the paint chips around in my purse when I went shopping.  Very useful for checking “that thing” to see if it coordinates or clashes.

Hope you enjoyed this journey through the creation of my farmhouse guest room.  It was a lot of hard work, and it most certainly wasn’t cheap!  But I have to say the end result is stunning.

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