Day 3 Gluten Free

We started gluten free on Saturday.   3 days down, and I haven’t run screaming for the bread drawer or broken down and run for Dunkies.  Saturday was hard, and I was hungry.  Sunday was tough, and I was hungry.  Today was…less tough.

I’ve been focusing on simple foods: Slow Cooker  chicken provencale (using chicken thighs instead of breasts, because I find they work better in the slow cooker).  Beef stir fry with gluten free soy sauce, using plenty of fresh veggies.  The stir fry also made 4 days of lunches, which is very useful given we don’t have the quick peanut butter sandwich fallback.

Tonight I tried philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers for dinner.  Other than needing to pre-boil the peppers  next time (which some people noted in the comments), they were pretty good.  An undefineable something was missing, it may just have needed a bit more salt, not sure.

For dessert, I made good old fashioned from-scratch brownies from the recipe I’ve always used, substituting King Arthur Gluten Free Multi-Purpose Flour.  Result:  Not bad at all!  A bit grainier than usual, not droolicious I-must-have-seconds like my usual brownies, but overall still quite tasty.  I figured this would be a good starter to test, because brownies use less flour than some other baked goods.



So far, I have to say this isn’t as arduous as I figured it would be.  Hopefully all the good planning I did keeps it that way.

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