33 bags and counting

That’s right, 33 contractor bags of garbage have gone out to the curb during our moving so far.  More to come.  4 rooms nearly complete, and that’s including the attic and basement, the two worst areas of the house for cluttery crap.  Way to go, us!

Of course, this begs the question why the heck did we have 33 bags (and more) worth of stuff that could just be tossed in our house, and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Have to think on that one.


the latest load of trash

12 days to closing on the new house.  Not that we have to be out of this old house on closing day, but I’d like for the bulk of the work to be done so that we can concentrate on the new, and not the old.  Next week: bedroom and living room (which includes much of our sizeable library of books)

This has been a very tiring experience.  And it’s not remotely close to over.  but every day I slog on, knowing at the end there is some peace.  That end is probably not going to happen until at least October. 🙂

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