I’ve often heard of weight loss and being heavy as being a problem with willpower.  “I don’t have enough willpower to stay away from the desserts table”.  Pff.  I’ve got PLENTY of willpower.  I’m stubborn as this here mule.  Ain’t he cute?


Yep, I’ve got willpower to spare.  Just ask my husband, who when asked commented sarcastically: “You?  Stubborn?  Never!”.  I’m a warrior woman, ready to fight for what I have to.  There’s lots of warrior women out there, who fight for their children’s education, for their family’s survival, for their favorite causes.

So if I’ve got so much willpower, how’d I end up in such a shape (i.e., rotund)?  I’ve figured it out.  That loud voice in my head saying it wanted the donuts/ice cream/second helping/etc. was my stubborn warrior woman.  It wants all that good stuff, and shouts at how much it deserves it.  It’s quite loud and ornery and I generally listen to it without question.  Trouble is, it was not working for my overall best interests.  I had to get it on my side, the one that wants to be a healthy weight.

I had a chat with my stubborn warrior woman self, and pointed to that mirror.  It said “woah!”.  We agreed to work together to get where we need to be, in order to continue fighting for all that cool stuff like family and causes.  Technically it said “F___ this, I don’t want to look like that!  Let’s get fit!” (my warrior woman has a dirty mouth).  Now rather than it shouting at me to go get that extra helping, or stomping its feet because it doesn’t want to get off the couch, it’s the one shouting to get my butt to the gym even when I’m tired.  “Dammit, you’re going to go to that gym whether you’re in the mood or not!  You are NOT going down that slippery slope again.  Miss one and you’ll just start missing the next one, and the next one, and the next one!  You can do this you idiot, just get off your tush and get going!”.

I also take care to make sure to keep my stubborn self on my side.  I can’t just beat myself with austerity, eating salads and fasting.  I have to give in, within my eating plan, occasionally.  A handful of pretzels with a couple tablespoons of melted dark chocolate chips for dip, an occasional trip out for lunch or dinner, etc.  With Weight Watchers Point Plus plan it’s actually pretty easy to do that if I plan right.  If I don’t build that into my approach, my stubborn side will revolt, and stop supporting me.

If you’ve ever thought you had a problem with a lack of willpower, ask yourself: what do I fight for?  Do I have enough willpower to do these other things?  Can I harness that willpower towards this other thing?  You may be surprised at your own warrior womanly reserves.  Most women have plenty of willpower.  You just have to have it working for you, not against you.

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