An Open Letter To The Ladies Who Hover

Dear Ladies:

We’ve all been there.  I know I’ve been there more times than I care to count.  You walk into the stall and someone has urinated all over the seat and then left it there.  I’m going to come out and say directly that this is an abysmal habit, and that it should not be acceptable, ever.  Nobody deserves to walk in to use the toilet and have to deal with your urine.

I know there are ladies who have been taught that public restrooms are germ-seething horrors and their skin should never come into contact with any surface.  I know there are germophobes who have a difficult time even considering touching their bare rears to a seat someone else has touched.  And of course there are those bathrooms that are actually disgusting and nobody in their right mind would want to sit.  And that’s just fine.  If you don’t want to sit on the seat, don’t.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t make it right to urinate all over it and make your germ issues the next person’s problem.  Not everyone can hover, and if they need to do more than pee, they may need to sit on that seat.

There is a solution!   There is a way for you to not sit, but not be a disgusting selfish slob:

If you must stand and pee like a man, then lift the seat like a man.

Very simply, take a couple squares of toilet tissue and use it to insulate your hands from the germs, then raise the seat.  Hover and use the toilet as you need.  If you want to be nice to the person after you, then take a couple more squares and lower the seat.

I’m not sure how we ladies have somehow lost decorum and common decency in the lavatory, but we can get it back.  Teach your daughters that it’s rude to pee on seats.  Pass the phrase on to your friends or share this post if you think it’s a good idea.  If we expect men to raise the seat and leave the toilet clean, how can we not expect it from eachother?

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