On My Mind…My Office

Inspired by down—to—earth‘s On My Mind Fridays.

Over a year ago I bought paint for my office.  Last Sunday I painted the first wall.  All week I’ve been itching to start work on the second wall.

A few years after we moved into the house, we painted the office a deep dark red, and built a counter to house our computers, against the wall opposite the door.  After we did that I was never able to comfortably work in the office.  Where once I sat there for hours on end, I couldn’t get anything done and quickly wanted to leave the room.

Fast forward 8 or 10 years or so, I’ve learned a few things about feng shui (though I’m certainly no expert, nor even particularly well versed).  Last summer I re-arranged the office so my back was no longer to the wall with my face to the window (in feng shui energy will flow into the room and directly out a window if it’s opposite, and sweep away the energy of anything in between.  Having your back to a door isn’t particularly great either).  This has done quite a bit to alleviate my discomfort, I’m able to use my office to work remotely and actually get some work done.  Now I’m painting the walls a nice warm buttery yellow.  Yellow is a color of energy, which should help me get to doing things.  It’s not a very vibrant yellow, which will hopefully mean it’s not TOO energizing (and would make someone sitting there feel anxious).

There’s lots to repair on the next wall before I can paint, but with any luck I’ll get that done Saturday and paint Sunday so next week I can sit at my desk and look forward to some brighter, happier walls.  It’s not low VOC paint, I bought it last year before green became a priority.  Hopefully the room will be done soon because the red and yellow sort of remind me of ketchup and mustard.  I wish this picture were better, but I seem to have broken my camera so I’m stuck with my phone, and the color is really off.

wall paint

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