I’ve been awfully quiet this month.  Here in the northeast it’s snowing…again.  Funny how as a child I thought it was awesome, but now as an adult it seems it’s just a big hassle.  Digging out the walk and the car, dealing with snow damage, slogging through slush and trying to drive on snow packed roads surrounded by people who are uncomfortable driving in snow.

I can still appreciate the beauty and stillness of snow, if I look at it through a window.  One of my more favorite things is driving down a road around dawn when it has snowed the night before, and the snow is still coating the tops of all the bare branches and the snow is fresh and white.  While I won’t be sledding or making snowmen, I still want to spend my days in a place where I watch the seasons turn.

As I hunker down here in the house curled up like a hibernating bear, with 16 or so inches of fresh snow on the ground, I’m content.  In a way it’s freeing, there is nowhere I have to be.  Thanks to modern technology and a great company policy I can safely work from home during snowstorms.  I have enough food and sundries, and everything I need in the world is right here.

When I’m not working, I spend my time doing the basic household chores, reading, watching TV or movies on Netflix and playing Little Big Planet 2.  While video games are a complete time-suck, you can’t beat $50 for dozens and dozens of hours of entertainment.  Much cheaper than going out to the cinema, that’s for sure!  In the winter it’s a wonderful distraction from the snow outside.

This afternoon I watched Eat Pray Love (quite enjoyable), and tonight we’ll watch Bones and CSI on network TV, and eat stovetop popcorn from the whirly-pop with real butter and sea salt, and eat a square of dark chocolate.  With hibernation like this, I can deal with winter.

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  1. January 28, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    Sounds good to me — especially the whirly pop with sea salt and dark chocolate, some of my favorite things!

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