Body Care Recipe: Christmas Spice Sugar Scrub

My hubby says this smells like Christmas.  I say it smells like YUM!  Very nice for either man or woman, I should think.

I mixed this up this evening and tried it after my basic soap/shave bath tonight.  I drained the tub so the soapy water wouldn’t interfere with the oils in the scrub, put my hair up in a bun, and scrubbed my still-wet self.  My hub was nice enough to scrub my back.  After scrubbing, I used the handheld to spray off.  My skin feels so nice and soft!  I needed a good exfoliation, this did the trick.  It’s a bit like being scrubbed with damp beach sand, but in a good way.  Like a nice deep satisfying scratch.

The recipe makes enough for a bath or two.  All ingredients amounts are estimated, unfortunately I’m a “pinch-a dash-a” cook.  This is based off a recipe for a brown sugar body polish I found in Organic Body Care Recipes, but using ingredients I had around my house.  I think it could use some Vanilla essential oil, but I don’t have any of that.  Next time!

  • 2T Organic Brown Sugar
  • 2T Organic Sucanat
  • 1T Organic Turbinado Sugar
  • 1T Organic Oats (ground)
  • 1T Organic Cinnamon
  • 1/2t Organic ground dried ginger powder
  • 1/2t Organic ground Cloves
  • 1/2t Organic ground Nutmeg
  • 1t spent organic coffee grounds made with filtered water
  • 2T Organic almond oil
  • 1/2t vitamin E oil

Mix together dry ingredients with a small whisk, breaking up any clumps.  Add oils and stir.  Add enough almond oil to make mix clump together, but not so much to be drippy.

Scrub on damp skin.  Rinse off in shower.

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