Book Review: The Naturally Clean Home

The book has very little introduction to non-cleaning basic green living, which I find refreshing.  Lots of other books cover recycling and other “green” housekeeping trends, this book definitely didn’t need it.  The Naturally Clean Home focuses specifically on replacing chemical cleaning products in your home with more natural solutions, and saving money in the process.  While I’m starting out with this book already having many of the ingredients lying around, it may seem a bit daunting to the beginner to “need” to purchase so much in order to make the formulas.  I think starting small by picking a formula or two can help balance that out.

The Naturally Clean Home focuses specifically on products that can be made using herbs and essential oils.  This can make for wonderful fresh-smelling products using a few base ingredients and taking advantage of the different antibactierial/antifungal properties inherent in the herbs and oils.  While many of the formulas/recipes are similar, it’s showing how these simple formulas can be used around your house in many ways.  I’ve tried a couple of the formulas myself, and they seem to work just as well as the products I’m replacing.  Your milage may vary, but personally a little vinegar, water, and lemon oil all purpose cleaner seems to work just fine on my countertop.

Aside from the formulas, the book is filled with well-organized tips on various cleaning issues: how to get out grease/coffee/mildew/etc stains, pest control, cleaning metals, and more.  Definitely a worthwhile purchase.  I’m very glad I got this book to put on my bookshelf.  I am definitely going to reference it again and again.

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