Fall is Sprouting!

I’m definitely feeling under the weather today, which is a shame because the weather is gorgeous! I spent the early part morning outside in the hammock. The gentle sway was soothing, under my fuzzy throw blanket in the slightly chilly breeze. I sipped slowly from my huge Eeyore mug of Barry’s Green Label Irish tea with raw orange blossom honey and a smidge of milk. It was wonderful, even if I wasn’t feeling so hot.

After an hour or so I got the gumption to get up and do a little something. The bird feeder was empty again, so I grabbed the bag of seed and filled it up, washed out the birdbath and refilled it. I started pulling up the morning glory seedlings that are sprouting in the garden bed, and noticed that the seeds I had planted for the fall crop were starting to sprout! Hooray! Carrot SproutIn this first picture here I think this is a carrot. I planted all the squares and then completely forgot what I had planted where. The second picture is definitely a green bean. I’m looking forward to doing beans again, I didn’t realize in the spring batch that the green beans I buy in the store are the immature beans, and if I don’t pick them early they turn into regular beans that aren’t so good sautéed in the pod. Big duh on my part, but I’m just a beginner with beans. For next year I’d like to try some good flat romano beans, for canning.

Bean Sprout

After my gardening I sat back in the hammock and watched as over a dozen sparrows came down to enjoy the seed. Sparrows at FeederIt was fun to watch them flutter about, some on the bird feeder and others picking up the dropped seed from the ground below, and hunting among the broccoli, cabbage, and lettuces for bugs. Some bees buzzed around the small sunflower blooms, and our resident squirrel did his best to try to get seed from the “squirrel-proof” bird feeder. Pest that he is, it is wonderful to sit back and enjoy watching critters bringing life into the garden, showing that even if It’s a cool day it’s still summer.


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